Handwriting Competition

The handwriting competition is open for children aged 7 – 13 with three different categories: ages 7 and under, ages 8 – 9 and ages 10 and over.

The challenge is to write out the passages below as neatly as you can. To enter, please fill out this form, ensuring you use the correct class number:

Ages 7 and under: 296

Ages 8-9: 297

Ages 10+: 298

Entries will be judged on the day of the show.

Good luck!

Ages 7 and Under Entry:

 The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea

In a beautiful pea-green boat

They took some honey , and plenty of money

Wrapped up in a five-pound note.

Ages 8 - 9 Entry:

Please Mrs Butler

Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps calling me rude names, Miss.

What shall I do?

Lock yourself in the cupboard, dear.

Run away to sea.

Do whatever you can, my flower.

But don’t ask me.

By Allan Ahlberg

Ages 10 and Over Entry:

Now the sun is sinking

Now the sun is sinking

In the golden west;

Birds and bees and children

All have gone to 

And the merry streamlet,

As it runs along,

With a voice of sweetness

Sings its evening song.

Cowslip, daisy, violet,

In their little beds,

All among the grasses

Hide their heavy heads;

There they’ll all, sweet darlings,

Lie in the happy dreams.

Till the rosy morning

Wakes them with its beams. 

by Anonymous