Children’s Section

Children’s Section

To enter one of these categories, please keep your class number in mind and follow this link.

Judges: Mrs A Collins and second judge TBC

All children entering these categories must be 15yrs and under. Please display the child’s age clearly on the entry form. Passages for entry into the handwriting competition (296-298) can be found on this page.

Entry Fees:



1st place – £1.50

2nd place – £1.00

3rd place – £0.50

Foster Sheild awarded to child gaining most points in Children’s section

Val Anthony Trophy for judges favourite entry in Chrildren’s section

Special Prize for best pre-school entry in all appropriate classes – kindly donated by Mrs S. Macdonald

Special prize of £1.00 for the most points in children’s classes, both individual and joint entries, totaled separately.


To enter this category, please select one of the class numbers from below for your entry form:

287. Tray of Wild Fruit only (not exceeding 24in.)

288. Miniature Garden on a tray (not exceeding 24in.)

289. Coloured Snapshot “My Family” – not mounted, not exceeding 7in. x 5in.

290. Coloured Snapshot “Show Day” – not mounted, not exceeding 7in. x 5in.

291. Coloured Snapshot “On the Beach” – not mounted, not exceeding 7in. x 5in.

292. Home-made Bookmark – any medium 7yrs & under

293. Home-made Bookmark – any medium 8yrs & over

294. Collage 7yrs & under “Transport”

295. Collage 8yrs & over “Summer at the seaside”

296. Best Handwriting 7yrs & under “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” – mounted, not decorated

297. Best Handwriting 8 – 9 yrs “Mrs Bulter” – mounted, not decorated

298. Best Handwriting 10 yrs and over “Now the Sun is Sinking ” – mounted, not decorated

299. Model using Vegetables (and matchsticks when necessary) (please advise size on entry form)

300. Model made from Waste Materials (please advise size on entry form)

301. Party Hat

302. Painted Stone (no larger than a potato)

303. Decorated Rubber Glove

304. One Decorated Egg

305. 7 years and under – Picture “Transport”

306. 8 – 9yrs – Picture “Summer at the seaside”

307. 10 – 11yrs – Picture “Sunset Silhouette”

308. Face Mask

309. Edible Necklace

310. Christmas Decoration

311. Finger Puppet

312. Decorated Wooden Spoon

313. Decorated Doily

314. Decorated Plant Pot

315. Edible Face on a Plate max. 23cm dia.

316. Model from Plasticine or Playdoh

317. Model from Lego (not exceeding 30cms)


To enter one of these categories, please keep your class number in mind and follow this link.